With more than 20 years of experience AIM’s team of communication professionals has successfully worked with public agencies and private businesses to develop and implement communication strategies that highlight our clients’ accomplishments, inform local, regional, and national audiences of challenges and opportunities which help to build broad base support for our clients’ initiatives.  Our communication strategy is to develop key messaging, proactively seek opportunities to inform and receive feedback from targeted audiences using multiple strategies and technologies, and to quickly respond to any concerns and needs.  We research and adopt, when appropriate, industry best practices of communication technologies and have instilled in our firm a consistent quality assurance process.

Our firm’s professionals have in depth experience in strategic communications (internal and external), marketing and public affairs.  AIM has experience writing and delivering ads, public service announcements (PSAs) and news releases for radio, television and newspapers, as well as developing other communication tools to notify communities, businesses and agencies of important events and issues.  A comprehensive communication plan may include other direct methods such as websites, newsletters, door-to-door notification, social media tools, and links to civic organizations and neighborhood association websites.