Central City Specific Plan

AIM served as the public participation consultant for the City of Sacramento’s Central City Specific Plan.  The CCSP is intended to increase the amount of housing to 10,000 units over the next 10 years.  AIM designed and implemented a comprehensive public participation plan to engage key stakeholders (housing advocates, development experts, neighborhood associations and community-based interest groups) as well as the community-at-large to assist the City in understanding how to remove barriers to development and maintain the vitality and unique qualities of all the City’s neighborhoods and improve the quality of life for its current and future residents. The public participation plan included: a developer advisory group, stakeholder representative group, pop-up workshops, an interactive project website, informational videos and online public participation events and two community open houses. 

The purpose of the interactive website was to engage community members who may not be able to physically attend outreach meetings, or who would like to learn about the project and sign up for updates. The online public participation events allowed community members who were not able to attend the open houses to provide their input on the CCSP.