SacRT Forward

AIM served as the public outreach consultant on the SacRT Forward Network Plan route optimization study for Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT).  The Sacramento region has significantly changed since the SacRT transit network was first established 30 years ago, and Sacramento Regional Transit is looking to rethink the purpose and design of the entire network to reflect the changes in land use, travel patterns, economic centers and transportation technology that have transformed the Sacramento region since its founding.  SacRT Forward identified opportunities and challenges offered by new mobility options, developed service planning principles to guide SacRT services in the future, and re-evaluated local and regional travel demand patterns to create a transit network that addresses the issues, needs and concerns of everyday riders.

As public outreach consultant, AIM developed and implemented a public involvement plan to engage stakeholder groups that included interested neighborhood associations; transit and active transportation advocacy groups; local and state agencies; public safety, school and youth organizations; local developers and property owners and community-based organizations throughout the study.  AIM engaged these stakeholders through a series of representative group meetings to provide an opportunity for a robust learning exchange among the diverse community interests and create informed opinions about the project as well as assist the project team with creating a context-sensitive, optimized network.  Other AIM responsibilities included an operator workshop, a series of sub-regional workshops, two virtual community workshops and a community workshop.