I Street Bridge Replacement

The cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento are beginning the process of building a new low-level, “neighborhood friendly” bridge across the Sacramento River. The new bridge will provide a new connection across the Sacramento River, between the Sacramento Railyards and the West Sacramento Washington Neighborhood planned developments, and will serve automobile, bicycle, transit, and pedestrian users. The existing I Street Bridge’s lower deck will continue to serve as a railroad crossing, and the upper deck is currently being studied and planned for use by pedestrians and bicyclists.

As part of the public outreach process, AIM implemented a series of virtual community workshops. More than 3,100 community members from both the cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento engaged with the workshops during two separate times. The first virtual workshop served as a forum for participants to learn about the project and final design process, as well as contribute their input on nine early bridge design concepts, project goals, contextual inspiration, and community values. The second virtual workshop presented the final four bridge design concepts and asked community members to provide their input on the different design elements and other landscaping considerations.