Outreach Services

From July through November 2018, AIM provided public outreach support services to the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency (SRTA). The five- month outreach program focused on building public awareness about Senate Bill 1 (SB-1) and the completed, current, and planned transportation projects in the Shasta Region, and the impacts a repeal of SB-1 could have on public safety, economic development, and the quality of life in the region.

To kick off the effort, AIM met with SRTA and local jurisdictions including Caltrans District 2, the cities of Anderson, Redding, and Shasta Lake, and the County of Shasta to discuss current and future outreach efforts. AIM developed a communications and outreach plan as well as a stakeholder database of key community leaders and transportation groups in the Shasta Region.

AIM created a social media calendar and developed weekly engaging content for SRTA’s social media platforms. Social media content focused on bringing awareness to projects in the SB-1 funed projects in the Shasta Region, the need for SB-1 funding in the region, FAQ’s about the gas tax, and relevant community topics. AIM provided support for an Association of General Contractors community forum focused on “The Gas Tax and You.” To help community members visualize where SB-1 funds are being spent in the region, AIM built an interactive map of all the SB-1 projects on the SRTA website (available online at Projects). AIM also filmed, edited, and produced a series of informational videos with residents and community leaders from the public health and business sectors about projects including the Salmon Runner, the Turtle Bay to Downtown Trail Project, and the I-5 Redding to Anderson Six Lane (I-5 RASL) Project. These videos were shared across SRTA’s social media platforms and garnered more than 2,500 views.