Downtown Davis Plan

The Downtown Davis Specific Plan will become a guide for long term development and infrastructure for the City of Davis 2040. The City will evaluate existing development policies, codes and guidelines, and address recurring challenges to the development process. The City will also consider the many elements that can enhance quality of life in Davis.

AIM developed an engagement program that ensures multiple ways of reaching out and involving the community throughout the planning process to ensure the final plan is community based and fits within the context of the City of Davis. The input received will define the project as community members and the multidisciplinary team of planners, architects, engineers and economists create the 2040 Downtown Davis Plan.

AIM developed and is currently implementing a public awareness and information campaign to encourage broad-based participation of Davis community members throughout the planning process. This includes targeted outreach towards traditionally underrepresented communities including communities of low income, youth, elderly and non-english speaking to ensure the whole community is represented in the final draft plan.  AIM worked with Opticos Design, Inc. and the City of Davis to establish a Davis Downtown Plan Advisory Committee (DPAC) which is creating a shared understanding among the representatives of community organizations and the project team.  AIM created a project website to host information, build community awareness, and update community members on information during key milestones of the planning study.  AIM also hosted six focus group meetings consisting of stakeholders with common interests, which included guided conversation about a variety of topics including current issues and challenges to development, the findings of the market analysis and infrastructure analysis, transportation and parking studies, and community context and values.  AIM facilitated, coordinated and notified the community for a series of pop-up workshops, including an experiential pop-up parklet, to engage and gather input from the community at existing events.   The AIM team also engaged stakeholders and the public through a five-day Participatory Design Workshop (public charrette) which allowed community members to interact and exchange ideas with the project team at their convenience. AIM also developed a virtual community workshop and an informational video series that leveraged existing social media platforms to increase engagement.