Outreach Services

Working with the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA) , AIM serves as the communications and outreach consultant.  AIM provides comprehensive media relations and strategic communication services to spotlight the agency’s efforts to a local and regional audience.  In addition to creating a quarterly electronic newsletter, AIM assists the agency with website updates and maintenance, and informational video production for various projects within the agency.

AIM serves as the Public Outreach consultant responsible for the development and implementation of the public engagement program for the I-80/SR 65 Interchange Improvements project in Placer County.  The existing I-80/SR-65 interchange was constructed in late 1985. Because of the region’s growth over the past two decades, the interchange and the I-80 and SR-65 corridors have increased traffic congestion.  The purpose of the interchange modifications is to reduce congestion, improve traffic operations and enhance safety.  The goal of the outreach process was to inform, engage, and manage concerns and expectations of stakeholders throughout the project duration and build a coalition for project implementation.  Responsibilities included: the preparation of a public participation and communication plan; stakeholder identification, focus group meetings and database development; key message and project graphics and branding development; public meeting planning and facilitation; development and preparation of communication materials; website design development and content; media relations and development of electronic communication tools such as project newsletters.