Getting input and ideas from stakeholders can help to create a better project. Addressing the concerns of stakeholders can assure a project’s success. AIM understands that even the smallest projects have the potential for huge impacts in an affected community. Whether maintaining a safe environment for residents near a construction site, addressing opposition on a proposed project, or achieving the variety of goals a community awareness campaign may have, an informed public is critical to a successful outcome.

We believe that effective outreach is more than just public education – it is the opportunity for residents and business owners to participate and have a say in what happens in their communities. They need to process and understand the information in order to ultimately be informed. AIM devises community awareness, education, and engagement campaigns that develop the right messaging and the proper communication channels to attract and hold the interest of stakeholders. Our job is not simply to inform, but to create forums for effective two-way communication that provides valuable information leading to actionable results.